How many Kilometers in 10000 steps?

I posted this on another website before I realized they'd patented the site!    So I have moved it here.

The answer depends on your stride length, the length of each step.

Number of kilometers in 10,000 steps =  
10,000 steps X Stride Length in kilometers

Stride length can be measured or calculated:
Women .413 * height
Men .415 * height

For example a women of 160cm (5'3") would have a stride length of 160 * .413 = 66.08cm = 0.0006608 km to walk 10,000 steps she must walk:

10,000 steps * 0.0006608 km stride length = 6.608 km

Of course you can also do the reverse.  How many steps did you take if you know how far you've walked: 

Number of steps = Number of kilometers walked / Stride length in kilometers

For example the same woman with stride length 0.0006608 km walks 4 kilometers how many steps has she taken:

4 km walked / 0.0006608 km stride length = 6053 steps

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